create havoc

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The video is essentially a call to arms for Muslims living in Bangladesh to create havoc in defence of the Islam faith, reports news.
Any profits stay here not go to France, the remainder of the PS50+billion could be used to improve our existing rail track/fill in all the pot-holes on our roads and get some expertise into A&E after midnight and weekends, that is just for starters, because to my way of thinking HS2 if ever started will create havoc and tear this country apart.
Out there, the opposition can see where you are and you don't get that space to roam and create havoc like he did last season.
Perfect storm: Traffic, floods, heavy rain, train breakdowns and signal failures create havoc for commuters.
WORLD markets slumped yesterday amid fears that Greece could derail the eurozone rescue package and create havoc on financial markets.
If the war of words continues to create havoc in our town centre, then surely the matter can be resolved by both side agreeing to an independent enquiry.
Mark Whatling will be aiming to create havoc in the midfield and Joe Naughalty will look to get more possession further up the pitch.
Talking to media here on Tuesday he said, both the political parties MQM and ANP were working in the national interests but some conspiring elements were designing conspiracies to create clash between the parties to create havoc in Karachi.
His long passes create havoc for opposing defenders, while his kicking is equally accurate, whether landing goals or kicking from hand, something which was underlined with his match-winning conversion for Hull in the 2005 Challenge Cup final.
He said Muttahida Qaumi Movement has been trying to create havoc of Talibanisation in Karachi for last some year.
May 2, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) -- The arrested members of the opposition "Ginbot 7" group meant to create havoc in the country, but not a plot to endanger the existing government, said Ethiopia's minister of communication.
It's feared al-Qaeda are trying to create havoc among former Sunni comrades.