create strife

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In a statement on Friday, Abu Zeid warned of the Muslim Brotherhood's attempts to create strife and strain Egypt's relations with its sister Arab states.
Jafari noted that the most that the defeated enemy can do today in the defeat of its policies in the region is to create strife and chaos in Iran.
Many Muslims I know believe that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has schemed to push the bill aggressively, in order to create strife among Muslims, a sense of instability among the community and as a distraction from other issues.
We didn't want to create strife within the municipality.
That is why attempting to bring political disputes into the religious sphere aim to create strife, which is utterly unacceptable.
Religious elders in every community should take the initiative to prevent political hawks from hijacking the reforms because they only want to create strife in society.
I suggest in the name of House Speaker Nabih Berri and the leaderships of Amal Movement and Hezbollah to vow to work together on handing over murderers or assailants to the Lebanese judiciary and pressure tribes and families to give in assailants in the case of any attack," said Nasrallah, explaining that this would cut-off the road to anyone attempting to create strife.
Iran saw in Yemen a fractured country whose people found only hardship under former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and with the strategic location of Bab al-Mandab in sight Tehran stoked confessional differences to create strife and gain a foothold south of the Saudi border.
The lawyer accused RNN of spreading false news to create strife between factions of the Egyptian society and their political leaders.
Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam condemned the attacks as "unjustifiable"AaAeAeA a called for supportAaAeAeA against "plans to create strife
The ministry expressed concern over the increasing blasts that target mosques and innocent worshippers and aim to undermine security and create strife and sectarianism.
He said that the war against Syria which employs terrorism seeks to fragment the Syrian social fabric, but the cohesion of Syria's society with its tolerance, moderation, and openness foiled all attempts to create strife among its members.