create strife

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He renewed his accusation to unknown parties that promoting rumours to create strife between the security services, the armed forces and Rapid Support Forces, on one hand, and the security forces and the police on the other hand.
The statement noted that: "Our peaceful sit-in has been and will remain a guarantee and a title for the steadfastness of our revolution, the unity of the Sudanese social fabric from the beloved Darfur to the glories of our bright port-sudan, and from Halfa to Damazin of giving, and the cresset of the strength of our people's will and determination that will not wane or be dragged behind attempts to create strife. We have learned the lessons, and the whole country is Darfur has launched as your chant, which have ran in the body of the nation with a sense of healing and justice that will bring justice and return rights to its real owners.
The crime has been termed as ethnically motivated and an attempt to create strife between Sindhi and Pashtun people.
It also discussed the dangerous approach that is being fed by the Emirati occupier in Shabwa through the so-called "Shabwa elite forces", their interference in the details of the people and efforts to create strife and sow differences and fabricate problems between the citizens and tribes in order to facilitate his plan for impose full control on the province and looting of its oil wealth, through their mercenaries , specifically in oil and gas areas and transmission lines where, they share the revenues for funding unknown and extremist sources and part to finance their aggression and dirty war on the Yemeni people.
Abdullah Al-Turki, adviser to the Royal Court, told Arab News that politicians in Tehran continue to create strife in the Muslim world, while scholars around the world warn against such discord.
With prayers resuming and people returning to the facility, the mosque stands defiantly against those who sought to create strife and disunity amongst the people of Kuwait.
In a statement on Friday, Abu Zeid warned of the Muslim Brotherhood's attempts to create strife and strain Egypt's relations with its sister Arab states.
Jafari noted that the most that the defeated enemy can do today in the defeat of its policies in the region is to create strife and chaos in Iran.
Many Muslims I know believe that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has schemed to push the bill aggressively, in order to create strife among Muslims, a sense of instability among the community and as a distraction from other issues.
"We didn't want to create strife within the municipality.
Religious elders in every community should take the initiative to prevent political hawks from hijacking the reforms because they only want to create strife in society.
"I suggest in the name of House Speaker Nabih Berri and the leaderships of Amal Movement and Hezbollah to vow to work together on handing over murderers or assailants to the Lebanese judiciary and pressure tribes and families to give in assailants in the case of any attack," said Nasrallah, explaining that this would cut-off the road to anyone attempting to create strife. Nasrallah voiced concern over presence of certain hostile security sides that would fabricate security incidents and take advantage of them.