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Other fields of note and their functions are general subject categories (for example, biological, agricultural, and medical sciences); created at; created by; modified by; last modified by; access restrictions; restricted to; publisher; audience levels; resource types; language; coverage begin; and coverage end.
Afterwards, she called CPS to report what happened (child psychologists are "mandated reporters")--but also pitched the plan she and the community had created.
At his own home, he created a fountain that, from the windows, looks like a 10- foot-wide sheet of rainfall.
This "new" test permitted necessary business expenditures to be deductible fully during the tax year, unless they created or enhanced a separate and distinct additional asset; see Wells Faro & Co.
Although the de minimis rule generally applies on a contract-by-contract basis, the final regulations provide a "pooling" or averaging mechanism for groups of 25 or more similar contracts created during the year.
For the purposes of this article, we have estimated the number of office jobs that were created during our last recovery period, from 1996 to 2000, in the eleven Northern counties of New Jersey's office market.
With this research in mind, we created an ongoing model that increased dialogue among faculty around their teaching practice.
To evaluate differences between the dictation/transcription and similar notes created electronically with an SD tool called PowerNote, a small study was conducted recently at University of Missouri Health Care (UMHC).
Once the bitmap is created, the filter driver unfreezes the I/O operations on the system volume.
With proper design and orientation of the sun considered, a "passive solar design" can be created, which conserves energy by utilizing the solar heat.
As you know, it's a cinch to simply copy a chart created in Excel and paste it into another application.