creating dissension

See: divisive
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They often teach prejudices against others by inducing ignorant followers to see the world in terms of "us versus them", believers versus ' kafir and mushriq ' (nonbelievers), the Muslim world versus the 'evil' west , and so on, that cultivate hatred and intolerance of others creating dissension and radicalism in humanity.
Replying to a query, he said those political parties, which are sitting outside Parliament creating dissension among masses.
The call for class-conscious multiracial unity touched many a journalistic nerve and brought the political economy of Jim Crow to widespread attention, even for a time creating dissension within the NAACP.
Some observers, both within and outside the Democratic Party, complain that the continuing battle for the Democratic nomination is "bruising" the party, creating dissension within its ranks while allowing McCain to sail above the fray in a relatively uncriticized campaign mode as the Democrats continue their fight.

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