creating disunity

See: divisive
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NOWSHERA -- Provincial leadership of PPP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan should avoid involving the Pakhtun nation in creating disunity and chaos through their irresponsible politics.
It's going to be so much better for Dennis if he has all his players behind him rather than creating disunity in the ranks," he said.
It is not merely an attack on a Shiite shrine, but an attack on human civilization and an attempt at creating disunity among Iraqis.
He said the acts are inhuman crimes and in direction of creating disunity and demolishing national interests of the country, and called for maintaining and strengthening unity and solidarity among people.
This tragedy was termed to have been ignited by some politicians somewhere who are "enemies of peace" that is prevailing in the country with an aim of creating disunity among the people of Southern Sudan so that they can always present deferring decisions towards national issues.
Zionists, like psychopaths, build their power by creating disunity among others.
Their action) resulted in disruption of operations and financial loss as well as harming the company's reputation and creating disunity among the employees," it added.

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