creating hostility

See: divisive
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Nawaz Sharif is damaging the federation by creating hostility between small and large provinces.
While raising the issue of provincial divide, Khurshid Shah claimed that Nawaz-government would be responsible if any damage is done to the federation by creating hostility between small and large provinces.
It may however be worth paying for the damage yourself rather than creating hostility between you and your neighbours.
Islah rushed to claim their share of power post-2011, creating hostility with major regional and international players.
The need to attract another huge attendance for a match against Macedonia that must be won or there'll be fearful consequences isn't best served by creating hostility between management and fans.
Israel is not creating the suitable atmosphere for promoting normalization as they continue their occupation of Palestinian land; they are creating hostility and hatred," explained Abdel Aleem Mohamed, Israeli studies expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.
Running in hard and creating hostility to all batsmen.
It capitalizes on the energy of pain and denial while creating hostility through blame.
Separatist rebels in Indonesia's Aceh Province on Friday denied reports they are behind the recent bombings in Jakarta, saying the allegations are aimed at creating hostility to Acehnese in the capital.
In addition, "the committee's investigations, its leaks to the press, and its use of secret testimony to discredit generals such as McClellan certainly were instrumental in creating hostility between the army's West Point officers and the nation's civilian leaders.
One army base in the heart of Crossmaglen has long been the source of local anger, creating hostility not preventing it.

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