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All my waking hours, except those with that infernal typewriter, were spent in a creative heaven.
In the following winter, after wandering somewhat erratically through Stresa, Genoa, and Spezia, he landed in Nice, where the climate so happily promoted his creative powers that he wrote the third part of "Zarathustra".
It was not so difficult to abstain from seeing her, because of the violent heat of creative fever that burned in him.
At length, however, the hour grew ripe and there came the greatest outburst of creative energy in the whole history of English literature.
Or is the same control to be extended to other artists, and are they also to be prohibited from exhibiting the opposite forms of vice and intemperance and meanness and indecency in sculpture and building and the other creative arts; and is he who cannot conform to this rule of ours to be prevented from practising his art in our State, lest the taste of our citizens be corrupted by him?
All passion becomes strength when it has an outlet from the narrow limits of our personal lot in the labour of our right arm, the cunning of our right hand, or the still, creative activity of our thought.
Joy appeared to have passed away as a factor of life, and this creative impulse had nothing to take its place.
Most common in organizations with in-house creative groups, creative dead zones are work settings in which writers and designers are unable to learn, grow or thrive, and unable to do rewarding, meaningful work.
com) Ag Creative Dir: Libby Lucas (llucas@adculture.
Critics of creative sentencing assert that sentences which shame criminals will have a net negative effect on their future behavior because they will get angry at the supposedly barbarous nature of the sentencing and become vengeful against society.
We are looking for work that is of the moment, engages the issues of our time, and pushes the envelope in terms of form," said Ruby Lerner, Creative Capital's executive director.