creative genius

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His was deliberate creative genius, and, before he began a story or poem, the thing itself was already alive in his brain, with the end in sight and the means of realizing that end in his conscious possession.
By this time it had become evident, both to his parents and to his friends, that young Graham was destined to become some sort of a creative genius. He was tall and supple, with a pale complexion, large nose, full lips, jet-black eyes, and jet-black hair, brushed high and usually rumpled into a curly tangle.
(NASDAQ: VRA) has agreed to acquire a 75% majority ownership interest in California, US-based lifestyle brand Creative Genius, Inc.
When the same test was tried on adults, only 2 percent qualified under the creative genius category.
Norbert, a creative genius, is also believed to be the brain behind Kidi's Sugar album cover art.
In his farewell note, Assistant Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Dikgang Makgalemele said Bra Tops lived a rich life as a creative genius and commended him for the role he played in the creative sector.
The White Crow is a beautifully poised study of creative genius in flux and the meticulously choreographed dance sequences are on pointe.
"Sell Online Like a Creative Genius: A Guide for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Kindred Spirits" by Brainard Carey offers practical advice with solid 'real world' examples of how building an online business is something any creative person can pursue.
Synopsis: "9 Tips to Up Your Creative Genius" is a 66 page booklet by Patti Dobrowolski that is specifically intended for readers who are looking for simple, practical, effective tools to focus their minds and step into their best selves each and every day.
Tanveer Abbasi was a national asset and promoting his cause lies in promoting research activities and creative genius of the students.
'Led by our Chief Technology Officer, Klaas Kruithof, we want to work with visionaries and entrepreneurs, capture the creative genius that flows from open innovation and paint the future together.'
Cradle chief operations officer Razif Aziz said that it had lost a visionary and creative genius.

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