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Creative economy covers very different social aspects including knowledge sociology and psychology, consuming strategies and tactics in mediated culture, financial levers of creativeness, new economy based on the ideas as capital of creativeness, models of business in creative activities, law of intellectual property, technological changes in media, modelling of national creativeness strategies, training of creativeness in different chains of educational system.
And all of our pivots in Tim Smith, John and, in particular, Kyle Wood showed we have some real creativeness.
Advantages provided by the enterprise that is approached from creativeness discourse were clearly indicated by R.
We all saw that the fashion designers showcased their creativeness through their designs that were displayed during the show.
It might look as though there wasn't a lot of creativeness from us but if you look over the whole pre-season, the manager has given the lads a lot of game time.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Aswat al-Iraq correspondent in Baghdad Adel Fakher received Shield of Creativeness from the Iraqi Association for the Defense of Journalists' Rights, in appreciation of his role in supporting the Association, and the 8th Anniversary for its foundation.
She also praised the creativeness of the shows performed by the EAC children and stressed that the high potential of those children should be fostered and encouraged by all organisations and entities in the UAE.
He said participation in curricular as well as extra-curricular activities was important for the students as it encourages them and creates a spirit of creativeness.
participants wanted to shine through their artistic creativeness on these
In his poetic style, Iqbal even accepts those sins which touch the height of creativeness.
Bikhitan in Arab Writers Union Conference: caring about the talented encouraging creativeness and authors.
Flugtag rewards contestants for the creativeness of their homemade 'flying' machine as well as their showmanship in addition to the distance they travel after launching their craft off a 30-foot high ramp into water.