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Suleiman bin Abdullah Abal-Khail, for supporting talent of creativeness and paying it direct interest, which resulted in many local as well as global achievement.
Kuwait's participation in the exhibition for the third year in a row, with a host of creative youth of Kuwait, reflects the country's care for creativeness.
His style of play and creativeness has been priceless on a number of occasions, and I for one would always include him in the first team line-up, so add him to your line of possible Oscars that you published on at the weekend and give credit where credit is due.
November 10, 2015 (WAU) -- Authorities in South Sudan's Western Bahr el Ghazal state announced on Tuesday the launch of it's weekly art and cultural activities, allowing artists and young writers to collectively share their creativeness and experiences.
Given the creativeness of some dishonest rice traders who defraud the consumers to make money, the possibility of hoarding is not far-fetched, he said in a statement.
She has a solid reputation in catering field due to her creativeness, customer service, hospitality and more.
Commenced Thursday here under the motto of " Higher Education; Governance, Creativeness and Operation," the conference discusses a number of topics like Sciences and Creativeness' Atlas in Islamic World and Guiding Document Project to build knowledge economies in the country members of the Islamic Education, Sciences and Culture Organization (ISESCO).
Neither becoming a parody of his past self nor endlessly seeking self-consciously new images, instead he took his creativeness and perfectionism into fresh fields.
So much so that someone they knew took the time to tell the world about their extraordinary dedication, creativeness and caring.
Now, I am sitting in the design area, soaking in all the creativeness, while working on making sure this 101 issue is the best yet (and snapping pictures of this beautiful city.
If so, I advise them not to contemplate entering the next series of Alan Sugar's The Apprentice because if this pathetic advert is an example of their creativeness, they would not get past the first week.
She provides assistance to help education leaders understand the issues in education systems that impede the growth of creativeness, and how effective leaders can encourage creativity among both staff and students.