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The recent '2018 Readiness for the Future of Production' report conducted by the World Economic Forum suggests that only those countries that address the 'development of the human strengths required in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which comprise not only technical prowess but also creativity, can capitalise on future production opportunities and be resilient and agile in responding to unknown future shocks.
The LEGO Foundation says the situation is much more disturbing: children and young people are not learning creativity needed to prepare them for what lies ahead.
Despite recognizing how important creativity can be, organizations struggle to capitalize on their employees' creativity.
We tend to think that creativity is reserved for the creative elite.
Also, as problem solving has become complicated, for organizations to gain competitive advantage, team creativity has been deemed necessary (Jiang & Zhang, 2014).
When challenging team goals are set by structuring leaders this facilitates team creativity (Anderson et al.
The subsumption of creativity into corporatist discourse is, certainly, nothing new.
Rather than offer a single story of creativity or promise a formula for how to create, he shows the patterns of creativity across many fields - those critical but easily overlooked "simple truths" behind how it works, no matter where it occurs.
In the first chapter I will present different concepts of creativity and innovation in the perspective of management.
Much of the research on creativity has focused on individual creativity, or psychological, psychometric or personality approaches.
Researchers also suggest that individual creativity is essential for organisational innovation (see Amabile 1988; Woodman et al.
My experience teaching the Logistics Captains Career Course at the Army Logistics University (ALU) at Fort Lee, Virginia, has shown me that junior officers yearn to exercise creativity but often feel stifled.