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Graph Frames allows creators to add borders to their videos.
We work with multiple creators who have large or smaller followings on social platforms.
YouTube is planning to push and invest into growing the base of online content creators from the country.
This kit also includes the Canon Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E1 which allows creators to smoothly control their zoom at the push of a button or right from their compatible smartphone by using the Canon Camera Connect app.
In Creators Marketplace, users can conduct a casting call to find and hire the right match for any campaign.
There are a great deal of issues that comic creators should know about intellectual property, and that was the topic of an entire separate panel.
Creators Syndicate has announced a partnership with iVerse media that will allow complete collections of Creators comics to be featured on the iPhone and iPod touch.
The 35-year-old convention has diversified immensely over the last decade, particularly in catering to fans and creators of every sexual and gender orientation.
It is this treatment that creators find highly desirable since they are able to raise lower-cost funds without reflecting the debt on their balance sheets.
NEW YORK & OTTAWA & BRUSSELS -- The International community of music creators today condemned the on-line service Pandora for filing a lawsuit early this week asking a federal court in New York to reduce the already miniscule performance royalties it pays to songwriters--currently just four percent of Pandora's total revenue.
Nintendo is strict when it comes to protecting its intellectual property and YouTube gamers are only allowed play games if they're part of the Nintendo Creators Program.
People visiting Creators Syndicate's Web site can see political columnists, political cartoonists -- and political ads for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.