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Moshe Shaked and I have proved that when a credal agent's subjective likelihoods match the objective ones, and he uses Bayesian conditionalization from observed evidence, then there is always an objectively expected positive change (increase) in truth-possession.
That is, the churches that accept the credal definitions of the first three ecumenical councils (Nicaea I to Ephesus [431]) but that developed separately from the Council of Chalcedon (451).
A further illustration of Achtemeier's caution is in his attitude to identifying credal or liturgical formulae, often thought to be reflected in, e.
He portrays the divines of the Augustan age as engaged in vigorous and complex theological debate in which credal orthodoxy and Counter-Enlightenment found just as many champions as Deism and Latitudinarianism.
Radhakrishnan (1927) observed, "The term 'Hindu' had originally a territorial and not a credal significance" (p.
The fringe of violent rejectionists on either side of the credal fence may pose fewer threats to this bold but fragile new peace than do the thugs on the Queen's payroll.
Even if it were possible it would hardly be desirable because of its potential for pernicious ideological and credal tendencies.
In 433, a credal statement was circulated throughout the East and was signed by both the followers of Nestorius and by those of Cyril.
48) Bell, Yusuf 'Ali, and Ben-Shemesh understand the phrase as "Hear what is not heard,"(49) and both Bell and Ben-Shemesh suggest that this is an indirect reference to the Jewish requirement of reciting the credal statement of Jewish monotheism known as the Shema.
Along with social and biological inclusiveness went credal and behavioral exclusiveness.
The primary tools were appropriated credal systems and rituals.
The icon is more than an image, it is a credal representation of the Virgin's role in the salvation of humankind.