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The combination of distance learning and technology now includes student contact through electronic mail, coordinating coursework with two California State University campuses electronically, and web-based instruction resulting in providing highly competent, fully credentialed teachers of the deaf in rural and remote areas of northern California.
Trustees shall be seated together with their credentialed delegates in a reserved area.
Today, the National Register is the leading source of information on nationally credentialed psychologists in health care.
Under new state regulations, ``highly qualified'' teachers refer to those who are fully credentialed, or who have passed their subject competency tests and are actively pursuing their credentials.
A long-range goal is to offer such services to third-party entities seeking to hire fully qualified, fully credentialed health practitioners for temporary or permanent employment.
The board decided to retain fully credentialed teachers in the classroom, so we, in effect, laid off employees who were not fully credentialed,'' said Martha Hurlburt, human resources director.
Anecdotes used to argue that the difference between credentialed and underprepared teachers are merely a technicality, and that California's empty teaching positions can easily be filled by highly educated career changers are not supported by the data, said Margaret Gaston, Co-director of the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning.
Azevedo said the district has upped the number of credentialed teachers by using a Teachers as Priority grant, which allows the district to use bonuses to attract credentialed teachers on recruiting trips.
More than 1,500 credentialed facilities participate in Olsten Health Services Network's provider panel.
The money is coming from state legislation providing more than $118 million statewide this year to school districts to recruit and retain fully credentialed instructors at schools where students scored in the bottom half of state rankings.
Each regional entity represents a fully credentialed, multispecialty physician network capable of providing high quality, cost effective health care services to managed care organizations.
Private and parochial schools that don't require their teachers to be credentialed often deliver a better education than their public counterparts.