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Heuristics are simple decision rules based upon factors such as source credibility, length of the message, or argument quality that, if present, allow the recipients to conserve cognitive effort and make fast decisions about the validity of the message.
Second, the purpose of this study was to explore the influence of specific variables--source credibility and gender--on the persuasiveness of messages about novel scientific technology.
In today's data-driven work culture, all management accountants and finance professionals have much to gain from the application of a humanistic approach to the credibility standard whether they're interacting with internal colleagues or external providers or competitors.
Statistical analysis indicated a significant relationship of purchase intentions with endorser's attractiveness (r= .179, p< 0.05), and expertise (r= .230, p 0.05) was found between credibility of celebrity and purchase intentions (see Table 1)
Quite surprisingly, the element of credibility was found unpersuasive towards purchase intent of consumers.
For example, Kiousis (2001) regards medium credibility as distinct from individual sources, from media organizations, or from the substantive content of the message.
These simple self-management habits may seem self-evident, but the failure to observe them is probably the biggest cause of loss of credibility in our relationships with others.
But in this instance, since both organizations were operating from a position of high credibility, the deal 'was made with one two-hour meeting and a handshake,' Covey wrote.
The worst thing you can do for your credibility is to memorize responses to interview questions, or to use the approach recommended in books that talk about what interviewers want to hear.
Credibility is not inherent to a source (Berlo, Lemert, & Mertz, 1969); rather, it is a judgment made by the user based on a range of factors, including believability, accuracy, fairness, depth, trustworthiness, bias, completeness, and reliability (Gaziano & McGrath, 1986; Metzger et al., 2003).
Under the new deal, Dun and Bradstreet will purchase Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp.
In addition, some economists and policymakers worry that the ZIRP regime will eventually lead to a loss of credibility for the Fed and a return to the high-inflation regime in the United States from about 1965 through 1979.