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He, however, said that should the PDP insist on selection instead of holding a free, fair and credible primary, Otunba Adewale and his group would be left with no other choice than to accept the ADP offer.
The Credible Pathways draft report projects a 50 per cent target would have a cost neutral impact on Queenslands electricity consumers.
At sana pakiusap sa lahat, bigyan niyo ng full media access kasi hindi lang kailangan credible, kailangan may perception of credibility.
Ensuring our enforcement activity acts as a credible deterrent is key to our effectiveness as financial services and markets regulators.
Therefore, we proposed a novel method that constructs multiple models in an algorithmic way, enabling the human analyst to examine interesting relations from different angles and in different contexts, and based on additional evidence to conclude which relations are indeed credible.
As a result, there are tools and methods to help users find credible information.
She added: "And if there is any serious or credible risk, then that will prompt a rethink.
As the international community and the people of Afghanistan anxiously await election results, the White House stressed on Sunday the outcome must be legitimate to produce a credible government.
Attorneys from the Federal Reserve called Bank of America's documents "not credible" while the position held by B of A CEO Ken Lewis was deemed not credible, documents which are a part of a congressional investigation by Rep.
What counts as credible evidence in applied research and evaluation practice?
special envoy Scott Gration pledged today to support the conduct of general elections saying US wants Sudan to hold credible election.
Fifty-three per cent of those surveyed in a research said corporations were not credible or reassuring, a recent symposium held by Middle East Public Relations Association (Mepra) has revealed.