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The Eighth Circuit did not elaborate on why it ruled that Griffin's testimony constituted credible evidence.
His most recent presentation of the Seminar's work, Honest to Jesus, is a forerunner for A Credible Jesus, which is a popularization--or, in modern publishing parlance, a "reader accessible" version--of Honest to Jesus.
There is no credible evidence linking Iraq to 9/11.
7491, the burden of proof shifts to the IRS whenever the taxpayer produces credible evidence.
Not a single one of the main characters in this novel is credible.
and European industrial users of wood fiber and retailers of wood products have given the industry until the end of next year to come up with a cost-effective and credible solution to the proliferation of certification schemes.
This review, which is nearing completion, produced credible biologically based models for estimating risk and will doubtless be used as a model for determining the hazards posed by other agents.
Most recent research has shown, however, that these boundaries are only made credible through intervention and demonstrated defense of them, and that credibility has to be reestablished time and again with changes in economic circumstances and political leadership.
Paul-Minneapolis: Thirty-three priests--26 archdiocesan priests and seven priests from religious orders or other dioceses working in the archdiocese--had credible allegations of abuse brought against them by 69 people.
Pakistan has received a list of 20 fugitives the Indian government claims are hiding in Pakistan and wants handed over, but no credible information on their activities has been provided, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday.
6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --SimpleFi, a leader in providing responsible financial opportunity to everyone, today announced it has partnered with Credible, the independent multi-lender marketplace for private student loans and student loan refinancing.
The International Organization of Securities Commissions has published the report Credible Deterrence, which identifies key enforcement factors that may deter misconduct in international securities and investment markets.