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Founded in 2010, Credibly has funded more than USD 600MM to over 16,000 SMBs, while maintaining a strong emphasis on risk management and a culture of compliance.
Since 2002, there have been strong, recurrent cries to remove all credibly accused priests from the priesthood.
In his speech to the Mansion House last night, Mervyn King said that the "fiscal tightening" expected to be confirmed in George Osborne's emergency Budget next week "cannot credibly be postponed".
commitment to seeing the referendum on southern self-determination occur on time and in a manner that credibly reflects the will of the southern Sudanese people," the White House said, Reuters reported.
Summary: As Pakistan comes under renewed international pressure to respond credibly to India's demands of providing a report of the investigation carried out by them of the Mumbai attacks, media reports are suggesting that the old machinery of disinformation in Pakistan is at work to complicate the issue.
Single Them Kids is about an ageing rocker trying to reconcile himself with the world of ringtones, R&B and hip-hop, yet Fixed To Ruin sounds credibly contemporary.
But my suggestion is that you should not focus so much on the fashion business, but you can instead pay more attention to Women in Business, and those who did credibly well in the past.
Any book with enough thick description of the lives of working people that it could credibly be used to sustain multiple interpretations is a scholarly achievment.
The technical input and legal interpretation involved throughout the process ensure the food industry's perspective is represented to FDA credibly and persuasively.
If you are not telling your own story, regularly and credibly, the combination of silence and the self-serving communication of others can distort the market's perception of your company in extremely inaccurate ways.