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The company's credit check services are designed for landlords, business owners and individuals, enabling these clients to gain access to specific credit and background information in order to help make data-based decisions on possible tenants, prospective hires and others.
Always make sure you carry out a credit check on the tenant.
Families who fall behind in their finances because of illness, uninsured losses to their home or property, or a string of bad luck, should not be denied job opportunities on the basis of a credit check.
Firstly, SMEs looking to bring in a new IT support provider should credit check them to find out their current financial stability.
MERSEYSIDE companies are being urged to step up their credit checking procedures after a new survey for Cattles Invoice Finance showed just a quarter of small firms credit check new clients.
Research by Cattles Invoice Finance (CIF) has revealed that only a third of SMEs in the Midlands credit check new customers, putting their businesses at unnecessary risk at a time when just one unpaid invoice could spell failure.
Click Home lets an apartment seeker look at apartment floor plans, check the real-time availability for a specific apartment and run a personal credit check.
The Capital Credit Check Contest worked this way: Members who told of their plans for their check could enter a drawing for a $10 WRT gift certificate (the cooperative drew 10 winning names).
She also recommends companies do a credit check, particularly for persons working in sensitive positions where they are collecting money or writing checks.
There is no payment required, but please have your bank details to hand so that the credit check can be quickly and easily administered.
Warwickshire Trading Standards has received several complaints from people who have provided details of their bank or building society account when attempting to buy consumer items for the purpose of conducting a credit check.
If a caller seems very interested, GE personnel take basic credit information and begin a credit check.

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