credit note

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Do I have to accept a credit note? The retailer's returns policy may state that customers will only receive a credit note or vouchers but this should only apply where the item is unwanted.
Pursuant to section 232 of the Excise Tax Act, where a supplier makes an adjustment (i.e., to correct a pricing error) and reduces, refunds or credits the tax payable in respect of the supply, the supplier is required to issue a GST credit note containing prescribed information unless the recipient issues a debit note (also containing the same prescribed information).
Her mum Julia, 39, a nurse, is now calling for operator D&G Bus to change its credit note policy when it comes to children.
The company added that the revolving credit note has been increased from USD750,000 to USD1,250,000.
Cathy Jones said: "What would she want with a credit note, she should be given her money back, in these circumstances.
Grief-stricken Val did not feel like a spending spree, so her friend, Jan Ormond, suggested raf-fling the credit note.
I had to explain by law, if you buy goods in store, you are not entitled to a refund, exchange or credit note unless they're actually faulty.
The good news is that most retailers choose to provide a 'goodwill' returns policy, especially at Christmas, offering an exchange, refund or credit note for most returns.
This is how one sale was advertised: "Nakheel Credit Note For Sale Dh2,500,000 to Dh4,000,000 (Discount 17 per cent)".
Alan Burnett, principal trading standards officer, said: "Even if you don't have any legal rights to return goods, many shops will allow you to exchange goods or get a credit note so it's worth checking their policies.
I HAVE a credit note for pounds 160 for a jewellers in Glasgow city centre.
A D-DAY veteran whose holiday was cancelled because of the outbreak of the Second World War has finally been able to enjoy his trip thanks to a 71-year-old credit note.