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Despite growing inflation and credit squeeze, the SBP continued its tight monetary policy, or TMP, with the benchmark discount rate at 14 per cent, leading to higher cost of bank credit.
The value of land sales has also dropped dramatically, again reflecting the credit squeeze and the general lack of commercial confidence.
United KingdomThe British measure will allow aid of up to 500,000 per company, in 2009 and 2010, for businesses in difficulty due to the crisis or facing funding problems because of the credit squeeze.
In the last survey, the impact from the credit squeeze was still contained largely to the financial services sector.
Industry sources say the credit squeeze could be as bad for the car dealing business as it already is for the real estate trade.
The credit squeeze would have affected all businesses and individuals and it may have taken years for economies to recover.
While all publicly traded newspaper companies have seen their share prices fall in the last year -- drops of 50 to 70 percent are commonplace -- some have tumbled so far that any number of bargain hunters could snap up a controlling interest, despite the credit squeeze.
credit squeeze would impact the rest of the world, they said the question wasn't if there would be an effect but where and how much.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average also plunged Friday to a 3-month low on renewed fears about a credit squeeze.
LONDON: The credit squeeze on households and businesses looks set to intensify as lenders grow increasingly nervous over the economic outlook, a survey by the Bank of England showed yesterday.
This, combined with the global credit squeeze and rising interest rates, is emptying wallets and driving down the demand for agricultural products from Africa.

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