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Shawbrook said lending to SMEs will lie at the core of its business and it is focused on making it easier for credit-worthy businesses to borrow in the most flexible and efficient way.
This is the latest in a long line of established, credit-worthy organizations to make its home in the Empire State Building," says Mr.
Identifies substantial credit-worthy population - Based on these results, significant opportunities exist today for lenders to safely grant credit within the no-file and thin-file consumer populations.
Reflecting the success of W&H's long-term plan to accommodate medium-size credit-worthy firms at the Empire State Building, TranSystems Corporation, a transportation consulting company with more than 40 offices around the US, has signed a lease for 8,900 s/f on the property's 9th floor, announced Stephen Eynon, director of leasing at the building.
The higher the score, the more credit-worthy a company is deemed to be, with a score of 61 to 100 indicating low risk of failure.
Interest rates remain low and funds seem to be readily available to credit-worthy borrowers,'' Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, The Associated Press reported.
And, therefore, credit-worthy minorities ought to have lower default rates than whites.
with its highest award, the Five Star rating, citing the bank as one of the safest, most credit-worthy banks in the United States.
As a consequence, the property had difficulty attracting credit-worthy tenants who often seek larger floorplates and who would have made the leasing operation for the building more lucrative and efficient.
A Senate energy committee is slated to meet today to consider a measure to allow the credit-worthy state Water Resources Department to contract with energy suppliers at lower rates and resell power to consumers via the utilities.
Since the banking industry has been negligent in providing sufficient incentives for small businesses to borrow and bolster our weak economy, Central Fidelity has earmarked $1 billion of liquid funds for loans to credit-worthy Virginia companies in need of cash funds to foster growth and to invigorate our Virginia economy.
According to Daniel Edrei, director at Meecorp Capital Markets, "There are situations where, through no fault of their own, credit-worthy borrowers have difficulty finding traditional financing for senior housing facilities.