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Creditability must not be limited only by big taxpayers", - Javadyan said.
For the advisor, the profile allows them, as McCarty states, "creditability." They can offer links to their various multi-media pages and provide key information about their practice.
He said: "Mr Dowson's claims of systematic bullying are without foundation or creditability.
JCAHO Accreditation for Creditability. 4 county license for easy expansion.
No wonder the monarchy's creditability is at such a low ebb.
Developers will also have more creditability in front of investors and RAKIA.
As organisers compete for the big names to draw the crowds in, some events just won't hold the creditability and kudos of others.
"We believe this move not only ensures the traceability of every incoming raw material at the pallet or drum level, but also makes sure our suppliers are working in compliance with GMP, ISO and HACCP standards, thus protecting our customers' creditability by providing high-value ingredients.
In today's competitive market, manufacturers need to maintain creditability with their buyers--the supermarkets, therefore, eliminating returns of faulty packaging is of paramount importance; returns can be a very expensive operation.
Dear Editor, Neville Boyd-Maunsell reports that Gordon Brown has announced that, in future, the Government will advertise for candidates to be members of the Bank of England committee that sets our interest rates (How Gordon has helped his creditability without advertising it, Post Business, June 15).
The survey, carried out by the United Daily News, suggests 47 percent of 865 respondents support the recall campaign, and up to 60 percent shows disapproval of Chen's creditability, especially of his recent argument about a series of scandals involving his family members and close aides.
Shame mine came packaged in green plastic - the glass bottle it is normally served in would have given it a bit more creditability on my dinner table.