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It is not easy to see how a step of this kind could be avoided; and if it should be taken, it is evident that it would prove the destruction of public credit at the very moment that it was becoming essential to the public safety.
Well, this letter gives the Count of Monte Cristo unlimited credit on our house."
"Why, truly," replied Monte Cristo, determined not to lose an inch of the ground he had gained, "my reason for desiring an `unlimited' credit was precisely because I did not know how much money I might need."
Now, sir, you have but to say the word, and I will spare you all uneasiness by presenting my letter of credit to one or other of these two firms." The blow had struck home, and Danglars was entirely vanquished; with a trembling hand he took the two letters from the count, who held them carelessly between finger and thumb, and proceeded to scrutinize the signatures, with a minuteness that the count might have regarded as insulting, had it not suited his present purpose to mislead the banker.
The fruit store, where Martin had bought his vegetables, was run by an American whose business principles were so weak that he let Martin run a bill of five dollars before stopping his credit. The baker stopped at two dollars, and the butcher at four dollars.
It was simply a question of preserving his credit by means which were legitimately at his disposal.
Yes, I actually had to give that thing up--while doubtless I should live to see somebody use it and take all the credit from me.
"And what credit can the poor clerk of a procurer have, pray?"
"Since I maintain that I have no credit, and you maintain I have."
'Mr Abel's feelings did credit to his nature, and credit to your nature, ma'am, and his father's nature, and human nature.
A's Federal estate tax would be $121,800 before credits. The prorated credit is $104,107 (($400,000/$3,000,000) x $780,800).
Location-based incentive credits (LBICs) offer many advantages, including current and prior year refund potential and favorable financial statement impact.