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Mortgage Insurers (USMI), a trade group for the private mortgage insurance industry, said, "USMI members continue to believe that the return of 97 percent LTV mortgages with MI purchased by the [government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs)] for all creditworthy borrowers would further expand access to credit while providing substantial first-loss protection for taxpayers provided by private capital.
Banking organizations should strive to maintain healthy credit relationships with businesses, consumers, and other creditworthy borrowers to enhance their own financial well-being as well as to promote a sound economy.
this well-located property with creditworthy tenants was purchased with the intention of a longer-term holding period.
We felt Colwick Business Center provided an excellent investment opportunity to acquire a well-occupied (80%), quality suburban office complex with a remarkable combination of stable cash flow, creditworthy tenants, staggered lease rollover, and an exceptional location in one of Southern New Jersey's most desirable business and residential neighborhoods," added DiFede.
Some institutions appear to have adopted policies that constrain them from meeting the needs of creditworthy borrowers--borrowers seeking funds to finance new projects and activities as well as borrowers seeking to renew or retinanee existing debt.
This lease signing is an outgrowth of ownership's and management's initiative to attract larger, creditworthy tenants to the building," says Beissel.
In some areas, this process has made loans unavailable to otherwise creditworthy borrowers who are dependent on bank financing.