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Whatever happens, whether you are the family member or healthcare professional or policeman or social worker in charge of a rape victim, that initial credulity is key: Without it there can be no confidence or trust.
In this book for general readers, Renaissance scholar Rees tries to find a middle ground between credulity and doubt as she explores the role of angels (and other winged spiritual beings) as mediators between the human and divine in the spiritual, artistic, and literary traditions of Western and non-Western cultures across all time periods.
Introducing some dangerous situations, and characters such as the Lady Virginia, to who Giles is briefly married, can strain one's credulity.
He is meant to be a bright boy, but with a minimal education, the sophistication of his vocabulary and sentence structure stretches credulity some way.
I quite liked the old byline photo which adorned this column for years, but unfortunately its continuing presence was stretching credulity.
As it is, it still might be enjoyed, but for this reviewer the introduction of the time travel component, the whole point of the narrative, strains credulity.
Car chases are well choreographed and Winstone plays Regan with intensity, but the romantic subplot defies credulity.
In a multicultural, multiregional public education system, the very idea stretches credulity past the breaking point.
But there needs to be an independent investigation because it strains credulity that an event everybody saw as so one-sided one way, all three judges saw it as close.
Like many high-concept thrillers, the plot frequently stretches credulity and there's a less than exciting middle act as Cantona's inspector plays catch-up.
The problem is that the power of the visual image to almost all humans, is so much more compelling than any other sense, and we have come to depend upon it, to the degree that many of us absorb whatever is shown on the TV screen, in the security of our home, as a sponge soaks up water, with a degree of innocent credulity which has no limits.
The prospects of second-from-bottom Hall first toppling title-aspirants Leigh at Smithy Lane today, and then going to graveyard Bootle and winning there next Saturday, would stretch credulity to the limits - but Nolan's heady objective has to be do-or-die.