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It defies credulity for SJW's Board to characterize the certain value that our all-cash proposal will deliver as 'illusory' while touting that its all-stock merger with Connecticut Water will deliver 'concrete' value.
There is something of Hitchcock in the narrative, with a blend between The Man Who Knew Too Much, North by Northwest, and Rear Window, and the story, while sometimes beyond credulity, is gripping and frightening.--Jen McConnel.
'It defies human credulity that the accused, being...the mayor, would allow himself to be coerced by his treasurer despite a gross disregard of existing law, rules and regulations,' the ruling read.
It strains credulity that many of these people admit to have not even seen the movie before having embarked on their riotous mission.
To state that the red cross of England 'is inclusive of Wales' is to stretch credulity. The Encyclopedia Britannica used to contain an entry which stated 'Wales: for Wales see England".
WHILE I have no qualms about a female Doctor Who (Jodie Whittaker) taking over, I feel that script is stretching the bounds of logic and credulity. My script idea is to have her character fall pregnant.
Is he really asking the public to stretch credulity to the limit by voting for a party which is controlled by communists?
of Middle Eastern History James Gelvin strained credulity in his recent lecture, mirroring the Middle East studies establishment's strategy to defend Obama's record regardless of the chaos it sparked.
A spokesperson for the bank said, 'Criminals often take advantage of customers' credulity and carelessness to steal individual information and then take money from their banking account.'
Plenary sessions cover credulity and circumspection: epistemological character and the ethics of belief, habitual intellectual knowledge in medieval philosophy: a complex theme, and Dun Scotus on the metaphysics of habits.
It is also, as a fictional film that depicts, in what might almost be a single endless take, a prisoner's single-minded quest to give a boy who could be his son a Jewish burial, a movie that strains credulity. But then so does Auschwitz.
Jazzed-up jitter-joint shocker strains credulity to breaking point.