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In Singer's book the equation is turned on its head: It is tempting to cast Singer as the credulous widow, watching his story evaporate before his eyes.
Stupid and frivolous and credulous, you have no idea just how stupid, frivolous and credulous they are."
Though at times a little too credulous of the nostalgia of some of her subjects, Cattelino's painstaking methodology and interest in the details of everyday tribal life leads her to ask suggestive questions and arrive at brilliant conclusions.
Then, even after Iraq's weapons of mass destruction failed to materialize, writers repeated the same credulous performance in covering North Korea.
Leftist outlets adopted Wilson's spin as truth, peaking with the completely credulous treatment given him in The Corporation.
'Opposition to wind farms is on the increase, and it's not just coming from certain credulous uninformed people.
He's also the most credulous and, due a series of unfortunate episodes on past assignments (sleep-walking across a Dubai golf course before being wok en by security guards on the 18th green with his trousers round his ankles, that sort of thing), is haunted about being a ``Jonah'' or jinx.
Anthony Lukas and David Halberstam criticized Reston in 1973 for being irrelevant and credulous toward authority, his own authority went into steep decline.
Unfortunately, this means the book is sprinkled with remarks such as his view that Higden was "highly credulous" but Ralegh's gullibility was a "curious weakness" in his commonsense realism (25).
By the early 17th century, Harlequin had become a faithful valet, patient, credulous, and amorous.
Shell never investigates the place of violence within the family, or the ways in which slaves may not have been the credulous consumers of the master's putative hegemonic discourses.
Meanwhile, Jews and Christians had split widely and often rancorously apart, and at the same time myths had sprung up around Jesus' life and death (just as today the credulous are told that Elvis is alive and Princess Grace's ghost haunts Monaco).