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325) when the bishops inserted into the creed what has been called the most controversial word of the fourth century: homoousios in Greek, consubstantialis in Latin, rendered as "one in being" in our version of the creed.
Credo: Historical and Theological Guide to Creeds and Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition.
The Portofino was followed by many other notable concepts like the 1989 Dodge Viper and Neon, concepts that not only cemented Chrysler's reputation as a design leader, but Creed says, the success of those concept vehicles set the standards for all future Chrysler products.
Four other staffers, wearing pink feather boas as ironic homage to the former governor and professional wrestler, stood behind Creed in the freezing rain just feet from the edge of the residence lawn.
Unfortunately," says Creed, "we didn't have a rear-wheel-drive architecture on which to build anything like it.
Mr Creed has also specialised in family law for 12 years.
Mr Creed has specialised in family law for 12 years, having worked in Birmingham.
Now, in a wonderful turn of events; just three weeks later, an additional one of our clients, Creed, one of the oldest fragrance houses, will be joining Leggiadro and the other elegant retailers of 680 Madison: Christofle, John Lobb, Aaron Basha and Robert Talbott.
Emberley its use, "is also a signal they are distancing themselves from the authority of creed, dogmatic theology, and clergy, in favour of an unmediated and unpatented God.
Now, though he still lives in Pine Bluff, Creed drives to a new job in Little Rock every day.