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Chapter two presents the history of the decline of the intellectual discipline of theology and its replacement by the creedal literalism of Atharism.
American conservatives are animated by the conflict between America's creedal values and their authoritarian opponents.
May divides his study into the Trinitarian creedal affirmations of Father (Creator), the Son (Savior) and the Holy Spirit (Lifegiver), tapping into themes of belonging, shared dominion, stewardship, the hindrance of sin and its depleting structures, and ordinate responses of wonder and gratitude.
Theology," Hittinger writes, "certainly includes the Bible, creedal formulations, historical developments and perspectives, metaphysical and natural theology, as well as poetry and literature.
Briefly stated, there I draw a finer distinction between a theoretical opposition to a state church and opposition to a church that is formalized and unregenerate, suggest how Bunyan did in fact become increasingly creedal and sacramental in his later years, and explain how conversion-oriented preaching by a Calvinist is not "pastoral Arminianism" (as Greaves often teams Bunyan's homiletic style) but a function of trust that God will bring increase to the gospel-watering of souls according to a providentially good, if ultimately inscrutable, will.
The edible replaces the spiritual as Pulci carnivalizes religion as well as nobility: points of creedal doctrine are reduced to a menu of victuals.
Liberal democracy, some argue, requires debate in arguments accessible to all citizens, a requirement impossible for creedal statements.
Faith means trust, in the Bible and in Rabbinic literature, and it is only briefly during the Middle Ages that creedal uniformity was demanded.
We're called to faithful discipleship, not creedal rigidity.
When we leap across those centuries and read a fully formed, creedal Christology back into the gospels we isolate the Jesus who really lived from our lived reality.
But the four Sunni schools of jurisprudence, the two Sunni creedal schools, Twelver Shiism, Jafarism, Salafism/Wahhabism, Ibadism, Zaydism and Zahirism cannot be defined as apostasy; all of them share the same qibla.
The message of Francis, the saint, offers an alternative way of life, one anchored in a sacramental understanding of the world, an appreciation of contemplation as a different way of knowing, a wisdom that is nondu-alistic, and a pedagogy that teaches through living and being rather than through creedal affirmation.