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'As FPJ was onstage, Manoy Eddie would creep in and make the crowd more jubilant,' Sotto said, remembering the late actor.
The rock impact experiment in the creep state belongs to the category of long-term dynamic experiment.
Spooktacular Creeps is a really fun and addicting puzzler and I'm sure it will find popularity in the hearts of both avid puzzle fans and monster lovers alike," says Ben.
Steps: Irregular movements of the sear as it creeps; as pressure is added to the trigger, the sear moves suddenly, then stops until pressure builds further.
2 : a small bird that creeps about trees and bushes in search of insects
What she does get is a series of flings with good-looking creeps, all of which end in breakups that increasingly take on the character of car accidents.
Figure 2a including five short-term creeps of HDPE shows that the increasing stress accounts for (i) an increase in D(t,[sigma]) and (ii) an increase in the creep rate defined as the derivative d log D(t,[sigma])/d log(t).
HERNDON, VA - iNEMI ( in June published a position paper outlining limits of temperature, humidity and gaseous contamination in data centers and telecommunication rooms to avoid creep corrosion on printed circuit boards.
Time-dependent material behavior is generally characterized using creep tests carried out under uniaxial tension.
Strength, shrinkage and creep of concrete in tension and compression have been determined and the relationship between those properties was studied.
String creep, defined as unrecoverable elongation, is your enemy.
Without a good distribution of the imperfections, lines of magnetic energy tend to creep around in a superconductor's crystal lattice, impeding electrical current.