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DANNIELLA Westbrook was tonight contemplating the prospect of a creepy-crawly shower after being selected for the task by I'm A Celebrity viewers.
She was so disgusted by its writhing, creepy-crawly form that she could not face lettuce for a long time.
In fact, the 30 year-old mother-of-two from Rugeley, Staffordshire, would normally run a mile rather than handle a creepy-crawly.
There's plenty of opportunity, then, for pastiche a la Jerry Robbins and Hermes Pan from the bar's loucke regulars, and all manner of slithery, slimy, creepy-crawly movement motifs from the swamp things that inhabit Platee's damp domain.
There was horror in the halls of an Aberdeen school this week as pupils heard of a creepy-crawly infestation.
And giving the wormlike creepy-crawly a head hasn't helped.
The mum of three has warned parents to be vigilant as the creepy-crawly invasion takes hold.
Chef David George Cordon serves creepy-crawly edibles at the food truck for the Focus Features film.
There's something for inquiring minds of all ages with creepy-crawly art, technology workshops, origami science and philosophical talks in the pub.
Residents will have the chance to be part of a cricket match or to get back to nature with a talk from rangers followed by a bat trail and creepy-crawly experiences.
We're looking forward to welcoming our furry and creepy-crawly guests, and just hope they'll be on their best behaviour during their visit."
LIFE ran at snail's pace for Liverpool's Lord Mayor when he opened a new creepy-crawly centre.