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The successful breeding of crested ibis in the wild is the key to establishing the wild population, but the changing environment can easily influence the breeding behavior of the crested ibis (Li et al.
From 2014 to 2016, the released birds were monitored using radio-telemetry and colored bands to determine the reproductive potential of captive-reared crested ibis in this habitat.
Before permanently relocating to Crested Butte from Dallas, TX, Chris was a second homeowner in the area for 10 years.
NOTE: The case information for the Budgetel, Vagabond and Crested Butte litigations are as follows: Budgetel Inns, Inc.
As part of the trade, CBMR will acquire for ski area development approximately 600 acres of national forest land within the present Crested Butte Ski Area and contiguous to the town of Mt.
This open space land, much of which could have been developed, is a substantial acquisition for the residents of Gunnison County and especially the towns of Gunnison, Crested Butte, and Mt.
Jack Dietrich of the Crested Butte Water Department and Kevin Tone, consulting engineer, are supervising the installation of the plant.
Jim Wade, president and chief executive officer of Coors Ceramics, said Crested Butte was selected for the gift for two reasons: "First, we are very interested in maintaining the pristine quality of mountain water during this period of intense growth.