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Summary: Egypt's crestfallen former president Hosni Mubarak has been allowed to see his eldest son from his prison hospital bed.
In his novel The Crestfallen Rose, lawyer Mike Martin merges the journey of an American child born blind with that of two women whose lives are devastated in pre-World War II Germany, and turns it into an exciting tale of love and death.
Thunder were seconds away before Ashley Bateman's late try followed by Jamie Rooney's conversion for the Welsh side left Gateshead crestfallen.
The Gunners boss was left crestfallen in the San Siro a fortnight ago, having witnessed his side taken apart by the Rossoneri.
A crestfallen Owen McKenna yesterday reported that his star tracker had sustained a bad break.
My 13 year-old nephew has returned crestfallen from his first mock night-time skirmish with the army cadets.
twinge of sorrow as he moves away crestfallen, there is that sweetness
Instead of joy at seeing the resurrected Jesus, they stand there looking crestfallen.