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But as he approached his mother-in-law, he responded in a mournful and crestfallen tone to her inquiries about Dolly's health.
The lawyer joined me again, with a very crestfallen face.
And so strongly did Mrs Varden feel this, and so crestfallen was she in consequence, that while her husband was pursuing their lost journeyman, she secreted under her chair the little red-brick dwelling-house with the yellow roof, lest it should furnish new occasion for reference to the painful theme; and now hid the same still more, with the skirts of her dress.
Bounderby carried it off in these terms, holding the door open for the company to depart, there was a blustering sheepishness upon him, at once extremely crestfallen and superlatively absurd.
Behind him Razumihin strode in gawky and awkward, shamefaced and red as a peony, with an utterly crestfallen and ferocious expression.
She looked crestfallen, going so far as to say it was "bloody stupid.
Store manager Tom Jones said although no one was injured, the car's owner looked crestfallen following the mishap.
Much of the world continues to be crestfallen at the gift, and understandably so.
Gateshead's triple jump gold medallist Jonathan Edwards was visibly crestfallen.
Typically, it's super smooth Rhys who steps in to help hold her hand during the birth, and is so moved by what he witnesses, he asks her to marry him - just as a crestfallen Lucas arrives at the hospital.
However, crestfallen Tyne Bridge have been given a reprieve with the fixture now back on again, albeit at a different venue.