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CREW. Those persons who are employed in the navigation of a vessel.
     2. A vessel to be seaworthy must have a sufficient crew. 1 Caines, R. 32; 1 John. R. 184.
     3. In general, the master or captain (q.v.) has the selection of the crew. Vide Muster roll; Seaman; Ship; Shipping articles.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Besides, who goes around looking for knots in a hero's crewcut?
I was a mere sophomore, a distant observer, when they signed up for the army together, crewcut to flat tops and shaved within an inch of their lives, ready to fly from Kenosha to Korea for the ultimate game.
"Swain was a short, crewcut infielder with a muscular frame and such tiny feet that his teammates used to say his shoes were small enough to drape over a rearview mirror."
Once over their shock, the Sarasota guests might take a tour of Rudolph buildings completed or in the making, or spend some time one-on-one with the short, intense, high-energy guy with the bristly crewcut and the horn-rimmed glasses who seemed perpetually hunched over his drawing board.
I don't know which boy said it, but I'll wager it wasn't the four-year- old with a crewcut who got told to remove his gold rope chain and earring by teacher.
In the first, Peter Sellers plays a rogue, complete with blacked-out teeth and crewcut. His transformation into very dodgy woman to elude the slow arm of the law in the form of Corky (Guyler) is a definite highlight.
In "The Crewcut as Homoerotic Discourse in Nabokov's Pale Fire," Paul Allen Miller examines the breakdown of the five central binary opposites of the novel.
The real break came the last day of eighth grade when I took a copy of Action Now magazine to the barber and showed him a picture of Steve Olson staring into the camera with a grown-out crewcut. It took some cajoling to get him to do it; he kept repeating "Are you sure you want this?
He had a crewcut, and a set of bar bells, and a backyard trampoline.
Today Byers sports a "fashionably gray" crewcut and beard.
In a place swarming with expensive suits, neckties, and leather attache cases, Bill appears--military style crewcut, bushy mustache, Hawaiian floral print shirt, baggy slacks, and blue canvas shoes.