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CREW. Those persons who are employed in the navigation of a vessel.
     2. A vessel to be seaworthy must have a sufficient crew. 1 Caines, R. 32; 1 John. R. 184.
     3. In general, the master or captain (q.v.) has the selection of the crew. Vide Muster roll; Seaman; Ship; Shipping articles.

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back his colleagues "After realising that he could not access the upturned hull, the crewman saw the liferaft canister that had floated free from the vessel.
Fortunately, this crewman only sustained injuries to his shoulder.
Olive Hill, KY, is being awarded a maximum $16,125,000 firm fixed price contract for combat vehicle crewman's universal camouflage pattern coveralls.
Shetland Coastguard manager Neil Cummins said the crew from the helicopter and the lifeboat had worked in extreme weather conditions to save the life of the injured crewman.
The boat's captain notified the Coast Guard that a crewman had sustained a 3- to 4-inch cut on the head.
But in the appalling conditions, the vessels separated and it took a daring leap by crewman Simon Emms to secure the towline, before treating the injured man.
An article entitled "Wearing Synthetic Fiber Underwear Under the Nomex CVC Uniform." (Engineer, October-December 2003, page 37) contained National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for obsolete combat vehicle crewman gloves.
Before departing China Lake, the pilot, first crewman, and I decided, because we were over land, and it was too hot, there was no reason to wear flotation devices.
The Viking's crewmen sustained first-aid injuries while one flight deck crewman suffered major injury, two had minor injuries and two had first-aid injuries.
Dobson had a key supporter--a barge crewman with previous U.S.
The coast guard was searching for a missing crewman Friday afternoon while trying to control a large oil spill after a small tanker carrying 700,000 liters of fuel sank in Manila Bay, Philippine Coast Guard officials said.