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CREW. Those persons who are employed in the navigation of a vessel.
     2. A vessel to be seaworthy must have a sufficient crew. 1 Caines, R. 32; 1 John. R. 184.
     3. In general, the master or captain (q.v.) has the selection of the crew. Vide Muster roll; Seaman; Ship; Shipping articles.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Another banca, the M/B Kezia, with four crewmen, also sank in the area, the report said.
A third motorboat, the Keziah, which was not carrying any passenger, also capsized in the Iloilo Strait, but its five crewmen survived.
"One of the crewmen [John] shouted to his colleague to get out, then made his way up into the wheelhouse.
Crewmen and passengers of two passing motorized bancas spotted the victims and rescued them.
Details on the crewmen's identities were not immediately known.
On April 15, ASG members abducted four Indonesian crewmen of TB Henry , a towing vessel off Lahad Datu, Malaysia.
Twelve crewmen fell into the sea and one of them, a 47-year-old mainland man, was later picked up by a passing fishing boat, Xinhua quoted the Hong Kong Maritime Department as saying.
It was in 1949 that John first joined the Seahouses - then called North Sunderland - lifeboat station as a shore helper, as only fishermen were allowed to become crewmen.
It was in 1949 that he first joined the Seahouses - then North Sunderland - lifeboat station as a shore helper, with, at the time, only fishermen allowed to become crewmen. It was perhaps no surprise that he should get involved as his grandfather and uncle had been crewmen, with another uncle honorary secretary.
Crewmen, springs that are too tight can be a bummer, especially if they happen to be the closing springs on your Paladin's breechblock.
WORK has started on a memorial site in honour of six lifeboat crewmen who drowned when their craft capsized in the 19th century.