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About 40 babies suffocate or strangle in their cribs each year when they are trapped between broken parts or in cribs with older, unsafe designs.
Current regulations also require instructions that the caretaker discontinue using the crib when the child's height is 35 inches.
Under the new system, a machine operator comes to the gage crib with an operation sheet that the crib attendant uses to key in the part number and job lot of the part being run.
SAN ANTONIO -- Go Mama Go Designs is proud to announce that their award winning, scientifically safe Wonder Bumpers - Vertical Crib Guards, have been excluded from the crib bumper ban.
WASHINGTON - Dorel Asia Srl of Barbados issued a statement highlighting what it called the "highly unusual" circumstances surrounding the death of a child, who died in one of the company's cribs.
Hall remarkably lost 6-0 at the oche to in-form Weavers, who also took the dominoes 4-2, but the hosts salvaged a couple of points with a 4-2 crib triumph.
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled crib mattresses and return them to any IKEA store for a full refund.
There are many reasons that I'm having trouble coming to grips with the crib issue.
For the Catholic families, the tradition of crib making is as special as the festivity of the Christmas.
Attleboro Libs 8 Abbey Social 4 (darts 2-3, crib 2-1, old game 2-1, 5s&3s 3-0, don 0-2, whist 4-0), Bentley Road 3 Griff & Coton 9 (darts 1-4, crib 1-2, old game 2-1, 5s&3s 0-3, don 0-2, whist 2-2), Co-op Sports 4 Arley WMC (darts 0-5, crib 3-0, old game 1-2, 5s&3s 1-2, don 2-0, whist 0-4).
Mr Zbigniew Michniowski, the Deputy Mayor of Bielsko-Biala, is seen presenting the Christmas szopka, or crib.
Based in San Diego, The Pet Crib is the leading online source for upscale and custom dog and cat products.