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Initially, fans thought that the crib was sent to Jenner's house by her old Kim Kardashian.
A crib lasts more than three-and-a-half years and is a modern heirloom with a semiprecious feature, so we priced the product as fairly as possible while offering something safe, beautiful and long-lasting," she said.
People who have bought the crib second hand or sold a crib are also being urged to apply for a modification kit and share their concerns with the purchaser.
The new Regulations include a prohibition on the sale, importation, manufacture or advertisement of traditional drop-side cribs, and the introduction of performance requirements and test methods for accessories and stands used with cribs, cradles and bassinets.
In granting the petition, CPSC initiated a rulemaking to determine: 1) the need for, and appropriate scope of, new regulations; and 2) whether crib bumpers pose a safety hazard to infants.
A crib bumper is a padded piece of fabric that ties around the slats of a crib and is designed to keep a baby from hitting her or his head on the crib.
MANILA -- A watchdog group warned, on Thursday, against cribs coated with lead-based paint, which could expose babies to the toxic metal that would affect brain development.
nIf possible, buy a new crib to make sure it meets current safety standards.
Grandpap was close to 90 when this photo was taken but whenever Pappy pulled up by the crib to scoop off a load of corn, Grandpap would climb into the wagon and toss one or two ears at a time into the crib.
The CPSC statement said, "We strongly warn parents and caregivers not to use padded crib bumpers .
The Neapolitan crib (or nativity scene) is typically crowded with lively and exuberant figurines celebrating the birth of Christ.
When engineers at Naturepedic discovered a lightweight, non-toxic, chemical, and allergen-free material that could be used for crib mattresses, Lullaby Earth was born.