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CRIER. An inferior officer of a court, whose duty it is to open and adjourn the court, when ordered by the judges; to make proclamations and obey the directions of the court in anything which concerns the administration of justice.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"It's such a great honour" says the father-of-two and grandfather-of-two, adding: "There are about 200 town criers in the country and Liverpool is now the biggest city to have one - London, Manchester and Birmingham don't have them.
"We envisage the criers will be needed for some months.
Tom Gahan has a lot to shout about today - as the only four-year-old in a national town crier contest.
THE 2010 Chester World Town Crier Tournament is under way and will continue in the city until Saturday.
In 2005 she won Best Dressed Crier at the Local Company of Town Criers British Championships.
TOWN crier Mick Da Silva smirks as he is photographed, surrounded by children, while he officially opens a Midland nursery.
Competition organiser and former town crier forAlcester, Keith Tomlinson, said: ``Pearl's clarity and volume are what won it for her.
The Declaration of Independence had just been read, across the street at Independence Hall, on this 5 day of July 2002 and the Town Criers of North America were crying for the hearts and minds of the citizens present and for the North American Town Crier's Championship.
Eighteen town criers from all over Britain will be taking part in the contest, which will kick off the town's celebrations for the 600th anniversary of its royal charter.
TWELVE colourfully-costumed town criers proved in good voice when Huddersfield hosted the 17th annual Town Crying Championships.
And wannabe town criers must have a fine speaking voice with clear diction and the ability to make themselves heard outside.
"When I moved down to Dorset I started looking into the history of town criers and I encountered many people who knew Stan and admired him.