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CRIER. An inferior officer of a court, whose duty it is to open and adjourn the court, when ordered by the judges; to make proclamations and obey the directions of the court in anything which concerns the administration of justice.

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Huddersfield town crier Vic Watson hosted the event, which was held at Nelson Mandela Corner behind the library in the town centre.
TOWN crier Tony Appleton, who announced the birth of the new princess, said he was told the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be "touched" when he asked if could make the proclamation.
Bruce was active in the Bay of Quinte Branch, spoke on more than one occasion, and served as town crier at many Loyalist Days.
A TOWN crier has been forced to quit after being exposed as an imposter.
TOWN crier John Stevens has been named the best in the land.
A total of 17 town criers came from all over the country to help Warwick mark its 1,100th year and they took to the rain-soaked streets for a procession through the town.
His fellow town criers voted unanimously to give him this award.
A National Lottery spokesperson said: "We're hoping that the 'Hear Ye' of our town crier will get the message across to the people of Sunderland that there is a staggering pounds 1m prize still to be claimed.
It's such a great honour" says the father-of-two and grandfather-of-two, adding: "There are about 200 town criers in the country and Liverpool is now the biggest city to have one - London, Manchester and Birmingham don't have them.
Town criers, or "bellmen", as they were sometimes called, were the original bearers of news in the days before print, acting almost as a spokesman for the King or Queen of the day.
Councillor Philip Thomson, leader of Saltburn's group co-ordinating celebrations to mark the town's 150th anniversary, said the bell will be kept in the town for use by future criers.
Twenty-five colourfully clad criers converged in the centre of tranquil Alcester for the Heart of England Town Criers Competition.