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Because of that the cries were different lengths, we selected only the first 10 seconds.
OPINIONS on whether parents can spoil an infant by responding immediately to her cries are varied.
German newborns' cries tended to start high-pitched and gravitate to increasingly lower pitches.
Entering an outside, an outside-in without boundaries that were unknown provokes cries of distress, a cry of freedom and a call.
This prayer, says the author of Hebrews, was offered up "with loud cries and tears.
You'll quickly get the hang of translating those different cries,'' says Heidi Murkoff, author of ``What to Expect When You're Expecting.
He charts the shift in the genre of Cries in the nineteenth century from work of art to illustrated book, where text became increasingly important and volumes were created for children.
In contrast, when they are hungry, their cries are high-pitched and the frequency levels rise rapidly throughout.
A friend once asked her, "You're not the kind that cries at weddings, are you?
And the latter was secured in the saaq provisions, warning that the cries of widows, orphans, sojourners, and poor people against any oppression visited upon them would call in question the destiny of the entire national project (Exod.
This indicates that the social context has an influence upon whether a person cries but a formal analysis of the difference between contexts or of the sex by context interaction was not made.
Even the most piercing cries are usually no cause for alarm.