criminal act

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He continued: 'The Article 209 of the Constitution deals with only professional misconduct and not any offences under the laws pertained to accountability for criminal acts.
He wrote in a blog: "No criminal act was committed because no criminal act was reported.
He urged them to intensify their efforts to uncover those involved in this criminal act as quickly as possible and enhance security measures to prevent a recurrence of such attacks.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement today said that the UAE strongly condemns this criminal act which claimed the lives of innocent people.
Chief Superintendent Rebekah Sutcliffe of Greater Manchester Police said: "It is vital we establish the exact circumstances in which Raymond died and determine whether or not it was a criminal act or of self-defence.
QUETTA, August 03, 2011 (Frontier Star): Committee constituted by IG Police Balochistan to probe into Kharotabad incident has recommended for holding fresh inquiry, sacking of SHO Fazlur Rehman, ASI Raza Muhammad and trial of former CCPO Dawood Junejo under criminal act.
The preliminary investigations conducted by security services have uncovered the rest of the explosive materials and some tools that the perpetrators cleared after executing the criminal act.
SIR - So Chernobyl was a criminal act by the USSR (Letters, July 30)?
In order to obtain a conviction in a criminal case, the prosecution has to prove to the court that the criminal act happened "beyond a reasonable doubt" and that the criminal act was deliberate.
Assuming an individual is a non-adult teenager (ages 12-17), earns no income, and the criminal act is non-monetary in nature, one may model criminal behavior as a utility-maximizing problem.
Yet using vagrancy law presented a problem: vagrancy was a status, not a criminal act, and under both legal and common sense definitions, most prostitutes' customers were not vagrants.
2) While most extant theories at that time focused primarily on criminals and their motivations and environment, the routine activity theory simplified concepts generally taken for granted by criminologists; it took the focus away from the criminal and redirected it toward the criminal act.