criminal agreement

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It added that currently there are 12 members of the opposition Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) in detention, saying that four of them are facing criminal charges punishable by death including complicity to execute a criminal agreement, undermining the constitutional system and calling for opposition of the public authority by violence or criminal force.
In the prosecution's charges statement, the five men were accused of "participating in a criminal agreement with an armed gang affiliated to the terrorist al-Qaeda network to carry out criminal acts targeting police and army personnel in the Republic of Yemen.
Defending McElvaney, of Ainthorpe Lane, Whitby, John Harrison said: "The criminal agreement was not to target the old and vulnerable but to overcharge for gardening work".
The accused where charged with committing terrorist crimes, and implementing a collective criminal agreement aiming at disturbing public security, endangering people's lives, and sabotaging public and private property.
48) While individuals are not automatically deemed to have entered into a conspiracy by simply knowing of its existence, (49) they may be considered to have entered into the criminal agreement even if they did not agree to aid in all parts of the conspiracy, (50) did not have knowledge of all its details, (51) or joined the conspiracy after its inception.
Even if strong obligations were generally created by most agreements (a fact which, ex ante, can hardly be established), that this is not necessarily the case for all criminal agreements makes it insufficient grounds for justifying the categorical exclusion of all conspiracies from constitutional protection without first examining whether they have given rise to so strong an obligation in the individual case.
Prosecutors accept that while Exley and Scott were part of the criminal agreement, neither of them pulled the trigger and the gunman remains at large.
Passing sentence, Judge Anthony Pitts said: "In essence it was a simple plan, but a criminal agreement of considerable seriousness, a plan to steal over pounds 15m from the bank and transfer it safely, via a chain of front companies which were laundering the money, to an account in Latvia and then to what was intended to be a safe haven bank account in Dubai.
Specifically, attribution of the group's intention to each individual provides the justification for vicarious conspiratorial liability, though only for acts within the scope of the criminal agreement and only for tightly knit conspiracies.
The case involved two brothers convicted of tax evasion, where one alone committed the criminal acts, though both were charged by virtue of an alleged criminal agreement between them to evade taxation.
In order to prove a conspiracy, it is not necessary to have direct evidence from a witness who was present and actually heard the criminal agreement.