criminal attitude

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Ruling that Blackstock was a dangerous offender, Judge Burbidge said: "You have an ingrained criminal attitude, you present as a person with superfi-cial empathy.
This is too much and their criminal attitude must be stopped forthwith.
lt;p>Speaking to the National Iraqi News Agency, he said "The security companies working in Iraq have proven their criminal attitude towards Iraqis.
And while I'm generalising, it's my experience that they adopt a shoddy and therefore criminal attitude towards puddings.
He has a dangerous temper (he really messes up a buddy who makes him think about his childhood) and ruthless criminal attitude, and apparently no capacity for tenderness whatsoever.
By Moutasem Al Brezat, Star Staff Writer The terrorists who were behind the latest bombings in Amman attached to their crime the name of a noble man who had nothing to do with their criminal attitude and the false ideology.
Sociopathy refers to criminal attitudes and behaviors viewed as normal in certain groups, such as street gangs.
These drivers, who usually repeat this behavior, should be detained as a precautionary measure, to protect them and society from their egoistic and criminal attitudes.
Each sub-scale measures a different aspect of criminal attitudes.
Criminal attitudes, however, were not as highly associated with outcome measures as one would expect on the basis of research with men.
The Measures of Criminal Attitudes and Associates (MCAA) (19) was the result.
The score on PID is positive and linear - the higher the score, the greater the presence of criminal attitudes and thinking.