criminal interest

See: usurious
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Deadline for repayment of all amounts due (principal, interest, possibly criminal interest, penalties and costs): 10 years from the date of the first drawdown, after signing a contract.
The growth in Android malware demonstrates sustained and focused criminal interest in the mobile platform and particularly in the Android operating system," said Rik Ferguson, director of security research and communications at Trend Micro.
sustained and focussed criminal interest in the mobile platform and
Industrial espionage revealed criminal interest in stealing trade secrets and gaining access to intellectual property.
He was granted bail by Judge Trevor Faber, who told him: "I want you to be interviewed by the probation service about any assistance you may require for your obvious criminal interest in photographs of young children.
These legacy crimes include prize fighting, "offences against the Queens authority, and person", sedition, blasphemous libel, criminal interest rates, unlawful solemnization of marriage, and duelling.
Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff's Office has no criminal interest in Mr.
However, should this process prove unsuccessful, the Company will challenge the enforcement of the Convertible Debentures on the grounds it has been advised are available, including criminal interest and frustration of contract due to stock manipulation by certain CD holders.
Canadian police spotted Richard Holland's criminal interests <B
The goal of democracy is to protect the rights and the freedoms of citizens against criminal interests.
It also suggests that he was using the phone in connection with outside criminal interests.

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