criminal offense

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88% of the charges were imposed on the issuing of a criminal offense.
Under the executive order, legal residents could be deported if they "have been convicted of any criminal offense" or even if they have only "been charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved.
Instructions were given today to the Police to launch a criminal investigation into possible criminal offenses in connection with leaking confidential CBC documents, forging documents and deceiving members of the Board, in addition to any other offenses involving the above persons or any other third parties," Rikkos Erotokritou, Deputy Attorney General, told a press conference.
4% in Gaza Strip - were victims of criminal offenses during fourth quarter of 2012, according to a survey published Tuesday by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS).
They also had increased risks of physical abuse and referral to the juvenile justice system for theft and other criminal offenses.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Home Office jointly launched a consultation to decide whether to introduce a specific criminal offense into law.
The failure to disclose honestly common controls undermines competition and is a false statement--a criminal offense.
This was also the judgment of Congress, which, proclaiming to be "protecting the children," voted overwhelmingly in 1996 for legislation to make it a criminal offense to send "indecent" material over the Internet into people's computers.
These data do not account for the substantial proportion of retarded individuals charged with a criminal offense, for example, who are considered incompetent to stand trial and are subsequently diverted away from the criminal justice system (6).
3% in Gaza Strip -- were victims of a criminal offense, including theft, assault, damage to property, and attacks from Israeli soldiers or settlers.
The line graph shows the average size of the prison population according to the type of criminal offense.
About 13 percent were reincarcerated because of a violation of parole conditions or a new criminal offense.