criminal purpose

See: mens rea
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There have been no further calls to the address and police believe it is likely that this was a distraction attempt by the unidentified man who was hoping to gain access to the property for a criminal purpose.
'The abuse and diversion for a criminal purpose and also bringing unapproved dosage into the country are what is criminal about it and that is where the borderline where NAFDAC and NDLEA work together.
Isabel and Jerry Omlang which points to a unity of criminal purpose and design, thus, evidencing conspiracy between the said accused to commit the crimes charged,' the court ruled.
Jailing him, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said he accepted Firth's account he had not used the gun or had it for any criminal purpose.
Not for any particular criminal purpose, you understand, but just to know that the rules don't apply.
Only if you planned to use the new phone for some kind of criminal purpose, like stalking or harassing someone else.
(23) However, the common criminal purpose element is not satisfied if alleged JCE members committed crimes for reasons of personal revenge, rather than to effectuate a criminal purpose shared with others, even when these crimes are committed systematically.
"The prosecution do not say that when the first company, Classic Bloodstock, was floated the defendants had any criminal purpose in mind," said Mr Elsom.
LaSalle National Bank,(14) the Court reaffirmed the Justice Department referral doctrine and added an important corollary to it, what this Note calls the "solely criminal purpose" doctrine(15): even before Justice Department referral, the IRS may not issues summonses solely for a criminal investigative purpose.(16) In other words, the IRS loses the power to investigate criminal elements of a particular case once it has completed its civil investigation of that case.
We trust prisoners' new skills will not be used for any criminal purpose."
"In an era that purported to glorify free-market capitalism," he writes, "this story shows how the nation's financial markets were in fact corrupted from within, and subverted for criminal purpose." But the criminals were caught.
the use of the charities for a non-charitable purpose and as a conduit to launder the proceeds of crime; the misapplication of charitable funds for an improper or criminal purpose; personal benefit to trustees in breach of trust; how the charities were set up; the supply of false or misleading information to the Commission.The Commission will now progress the final stages of its inquiry and report on its findings and conclusions in due course.

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