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L'elu du groupe parlementaire democratique, Zouhair Maghzaoui, a accuse Mohamed Ennaceur de faire barrage a l'adoption du projet de loi relatif a la criminalisation de la normalisation avec l'Etat hebreu.
The Committee has decided to postpone the examination of the draft law on the criminalisation of normalisation with the Zionist State, following a majority vote of the members for the reorganisation of the timetable for the examination of draft law according to their priority.
New Delhi [India], Jan 3 ( ANI ): Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Wednesday said the party supported the proposed triple talaq bill, but opposed it only when it came to the criminalisation part.
RIGHTING A WRONG Two men in the parliament's public gallery struggle to contain their emotions as First Minister apologises for the criminalisation of homosexuals
The report considers the policy options of different models, namely that of total criminalisation, partial criminalisation, regulation and non-criminalisation.
Hitting back, Chirag said Tejashwi would do well not to talk about criminalisation of politics and patronisation of criminal- politicians.
The judgement agreed with the view that criminalisation of politics frustrates hope and aspiration of citizens but refused to recognize pending criminal cases against MPs as a disqualification for their appointment as ministers.
Bulgaria's caretaker Minister of Social Policies and Labour Yordan Hristoskov said he will propose again the criminalisation of non-payment of social insurances.
The lecture addressed the objectives of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the general provisions of the Convention, preventive measures, criminalisation and law enforcement, as well as international cooperation and asset recovery.
Fans Against Criminalisation are pushing to get Roll Of Honour into the top 40.
Kyrgyzstan should continue to work on implementing its action plan to address remaining deficiencies, including by: (1) clarifying and addressing, as necessary, the remaining issues in the criminalisation of money laundering and terrorist financing; (2) addressing the remaining issues in the framework for identifying and freezing terrorist assets; and (3) implementing an adequate and effective AML/CFT supervisory programme for all financial sectors.
It also asks how national authorities should assess what constitutes an act of persecution of homosexuals and whether the criminalisation of homosexual acts, which can lead to life imprisonment, amounts to persecution.