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It was never an issue of criminality - this is what court also held," Rohatgi told ANI.
But the international community and the Afghan government failed to take advantage of these possible inflection points to tackle corruption and criminality, limit power abuse, strengthen the rule of law, and expand political inclusiveness.
During a speech delivered at a military camp in Mawab in Compostela Valley, Duterte said the current drive versus criminality and drugs required an armed service capable of taking on the role of the national police, as well as the military.
Technology and criminality risk are now in the top five, ranking alongside regulation and political interference as the top threats to the industry.
Compared with 2010, child criminality rate has grown in Kyrgyzstan more than twice in 2013, he said.
Moreover, if it is true that American society is to blame--through its faults with drug addiction, allowing criminality to flourish in its cities, and dumping this criminality back into Mexico--then why is it not obvious that, in order to help people who live in Central America, we need to take action to correct the actual causes of these problems?
Inspector Kev Bratherton said: "This is the latest in a series of proactive intelligence-led initiatives targeting criminality on the island.
A PROBE into the death of Mark Duggan, which sparked the London riots, has found no evidence of criminality by the officers who shot him.
A SUPREME Court- appointed probe team has found elements of criminality in some of the taped telephone conversations of former corporate lobbyist Niira Radia with corporate honchos and others.
The Minister said that the criminality and malice of the assassinators will not erase the traces of the martyr scholar, and his books will remain a minerate for believers, calling for stopping the killing and takfiri fatwas.
The authors concentrate on how different ways of measuring crime and criminality are used to test existing theories.
r=0) told the New York Times , while "there are pros and cons to medication," it was worth considering that "in young adults, the age where criminality is most common, you should consider medication because it is more harmful for these people to be involved in criminal activities.