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Tuttle's mother, Anne Tuttle, wept after her oldest son was found not criminally responsible.
Hudson Hallum admitted that his voter fraud (abetted by his own father--or maybe it was the other way around) was criminally bad.
If young people lack the capacity to make a meaningful choice and to control their impulses, should they be held criminally culpable for their behaviour?
Canada, Gerard noted, passed a law in 2003, referred to as the Westray Bill after a deadly mine explosion, allowing the state to hold corporations, their directors and their executives criminally liable for negligence causing worker deaths.
In (our) view, however, such protective instincts are undermined, not advanced, by holding women criminally liable based on conditions, actions or inactions that they experience during pregnancy.
Judge Glen Baisinger ruled that Cesar Olson, 30, was not criminally reckless when he ran into the rear of a southbound motorcycle driven by Eric Cunningham, 34, of Salem, according to defense lawyer Dan Koenig of Eugene.
In conjunction with these responsibilities, the unit implemented CTAD to serve as the primary repository for all communicated threats and other criminally oriented communications (COCs) within the FBI.
So our president plans on creating a ``surge'' of 21,500 more troops to Iraq to salvage his criminally low approval rating.
Continued Smith, "Nowhere does the Constitution say the criminally accused have a 'right to a fair trial.
5 percent of licenses (113 licensees) and about a half of a percent (27 FFLs) were arrested and criminally prosecuted.
Clearly the school incident was not emergent, and so the agents involved were clearly acting criminally.
But the whole concoction goes down smoothly, thanks to Letterle's charm and the talented supporting cast, including Meredith Baxter, looking like a poster girl for aging gracefully and sexily; Joel Brooks and Richard Riehle as the audacious Hat Sisters; and the almost criminally adorable Dean Shelton as Punch, one of Ethan's would-be boyfriends.