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TO CRIMINATE. To accuse of a crime; to admit having committed a crime or misdemeanor.
     2. It is a rule, that a witness cannot be compelled to answer any question which has a tendency to expose him to a penalty, or to any kind of punishment, or to a criminal charge. 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 3209-12; 4 St. Tr. 6; 10 How. St. Tr. 1096; 6 St. Tr. 649; 16 How. St. Tr. 1149; 2 Dougl. R. 593; 2 Ld. Raym. 1088; 24 How. St. Tr. 720; 16 Ves. jr. 242; 2 Swanst. Ch. R. 216; 1 Cranch. R. 144; 2 Yerg. R. 110 5 Day, Rep. 260; I Carr., & Payne, 11 2 Nott & M'C. 13; 6 Cowen, Rep. 254; 2 Peak. N. P. C. 106; 1 John. R. 498; 12 S. & R. 284; 8 Wend. 598.
     3. An accomplice, admitted to give evidence against his associates in guilt, is bound to make a full and fair confession of the whole truth respecting the subject-matter of the prosecution; but he is not bound to answer with respect to his share in other offences, in which he was not concerned with the prisoner. 9 Cowen, R. 721, note (a); 2 Carr. & Payne, 411. Vide Disgrace,; Witness;

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He added: "Already the shellings, the ethnic cleansings, the indis- criminate attacks on civilians in the name of security are taking place.
The proponents' campaign was largely based on a single principle: It is wrong for a government to dis- criminate based on race.
Burton, a partner in the San Francisco office of the Philadelphia-based Duane Morris law firm, concentrates his practice in complex civil, criminate and appellate litigation.
I know not why a declaration in court should be unavailing, unless made upon oath, if a declaration out of court was to criminate others than him who made it; nor why a man should have a constitutional claim to be confronted with the witness against him, if mere verbal declarations, made in his absence, may be evidence against him.
In refusing to admit to signing a petition protesting the edict, Archbishop Sancroft invoked his "lawful right to decline saying anything which may criminate me.
The bill also criminates the $10 fee for filing forms with the Department of Financial Services regarding premium financing.