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TO CRIMINATE. To accuse of a crime; to admit having committed a crime or misdemeanor.
     2. It is a rule, that a witness cannot be compelled to answer any question which has a tendency to expose him to a penalty, or to any kind of punishment, or to a criminal charge. 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 3209-12; 4 St. Tr. 6; 10 How. St. Tr. 1096; 6 St. Tr. 649; 16 How. St. Tr. 1149; 2 Dougl. R. 593; 2 Ld. Raym. 1088; 24 How. St. Tr. 720; 16 Ves. jr. 242; 2 Swanst. Ch. R. 216; 1 Cranch. R. 144; 2 Yerg. R. 110 5 Day, Rep. 260; I Carr., & Payne, 11 2 Nott & M'C. 13; 6 Cowen, Rep. 254; 2 Peak. N. P. C. 106; 1 John. R. 498; 12 S. & R. 284; 8 Wend. 598.
     3. An accomplice, admitted to give evidence against his associates in guilt, is bound to make a full and fair confession of the whole truth respecting the subject-matter of the prosecution; but he is not bound to answer with respect to his share in other offences, in which he was not concerned with the prisoner. 9 Cowen, R. 721, note (a); 2 Carr. & Payne, 411. Vide Disgrace,; Witness;

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He ought not to be compelled to answer any thing which might tend to criminate himself.
"This is a deeply flawed `solution' that does not even criminate the problem," said George Boggs, president and chief executive officer of the American Association of Community Colleges.
Paper meter test forms require that the data be manually entered into some existing meter test or other measurement application before the data is meaningful to the volume processing group, Even if the company has an electronic Meter Test application, it may not interface with their existing gas measurement system, which could criminate the manual entry of meter test data,
Furthermore, in exploratory analyses performed on the current data using either discriminant analysis or neural network pattern recognition techniques, we found that the same individual cases that were difficult to dis criminate using the procedures employed here were also difficult to discriminate using alternative methods.
He added: "Already the shellings, the ethnic cleansings, the indis- criminate attacks on civilians in the name of security are taking place.
The proponents' campaign was largely based on a single principle: It is wrong for a government to dis- criminate based on race.
Using the smooth-walled HDPE pipe lessened the amount of pumping necessary due to less friction in the pipe, helping to criminate 7 of 12 planned pump stations and saving $50,000 installation costs and $5,000 annual operating costs per station.
shall prosecute in the name of the United States, but shall so far consider himself as counsel for the prisoner, after the said prisoner shall have made his plea, as to object to any leading question to any of the witnesses or any question to the prisoner, the answer which might tend to criminate himself.
Hali- tosis that you could turn on and off at will could be a popular handbag item - it would allow you to dis- criminate between those whose kissings you could tolerate and those whose kissings you couldn't.
duress, and a violation of the maxim, that no one is bound to criminate
In refusing to admit to signing a petition protesting the edict, Archbishop Sancroft invoked his "lawful right to decline saying anything which may criminate me."(91)