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CRIMINATION. The act by which a party accused, is proved to be guilty.
     2. It is a rule, founded in common sense, that no one is bound to criminate himself. A witness may refuse to answer a question, when the answer would criminate him, and subject him to punishment. And a party in equity is not bound to answer a bill, when the answer would form a step in the prosecution. Coop. Eq. Pl. 204; Mitf. Eq. Pl. by Jeremy, 194; Story, Eq,. Pl. Sec. 591; 14 Ves. 59.

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Since the summer of 1999, Northumbria Police has conducted a number of thorough investigations into the allegations which were made and found no evidence of dis crimination or victim isation.
Road & Compound Wall At Crimination Ground In Various Area Of Padra Municipality Under Manoranjankar Grant:Swarnim Jyanti Mukhya Mantri Saheri Vikas Yojana Udp-78 2015-2016.
Tenders are invited for Tender For Construction Work Of Proposed Crimination Furnace Room At Kailash Road Smashan Bhumi At Dharampur.
Tenders are invited for Improvement Of Boundary Wall And Water Supply System At Bhagwatdas Ghat Electrical Crimination In Ward No.
Tenders are invited for Annual Repair Maintenance Operation of street light in front of crimination ground and crimination ground to 1840 srt gate road sector 26 rohini ph iv in connection with Maintenance of various colonies under rohini zone
Tenders are invited for Improvement of sewerage system by replacing of damaged sewer line in front of crimination ground om vihar metro pillar No 699 in AC 32.
Thus, after observing that Section 3 of DOMA, "because of its reach and extent, departs from [the] history and tradition of reliance on state law to define marriage," Justice Kennedy appeals to Romer: "'[D]is criminations of an unusual character especially suggest careful consideration to determine whether they are obnoxious to the constitutional provision.