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CRIMINATION. The act by which a party accused, is proved to be guilty.
     2. It is a rule, founded in common sense, that no one is bound to criminate himself. A witness may refuse to answer a question, when the answer would criminate him, and subject him to punishment. And a party in equity is not bound to answer a bill, when the answer would form a step in the prosecution. Coop. Eq. Pl. 204; Mitf. Eq. Pl. by Jeremy, 194; Story, Eq,. Pl. Sec. 591; 14 Ves. 59.

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16) Reduced gender dis crimination, for instance, expands the scope of women's agency, which is an important factor of social change and economic success.
Without the mask, we remain vulnerable to the whims of fate, the pointed taunts of jealous others or righteous in crimination from those we might offend or disappoint.
The researchers found that 25 percent of the volunteers believed that genetic information had been used to deny them or members of their families life insurance; 22 percent believed the information had been similarly misused by health insurers; and 13 percent believed the information had led to job dis- crimination.
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits di crimination based upon an employee's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy) or national origin in hiring and job retention.
crimination against interstate commerce occurring here.
The Council has always interpreted this Principle as not supporting illegal or invidious d' crimination.
Tenders are invited for contruction of crimination center
Proposes cutting off insurance for Congress and the president if a universal health care plan hasn't passed by 2009 RUDOLPH Supported the Proposes a $15,000 tax GIULIANI 2000 New York deduction for those State antidis- without employer-based crimination law insurance; would encourage covering gays.
If ever there was a clear case ofclass dis- crimination before the law, then this is it.
Abolition of age dis- crimination in the provision of all goods and services.
Since the summer of 1999, Northumbria Police has conducted a number of thorough investigations into the allegations which were made and found no evidence of dis crimination or victim isation.
life itself teaches us nothing more inevitable than that right and wrong are most confusedly mixed; that the blackest wrong is by our side and within our own motives; that right does not dazzle our eyes with its radiant shining, but has to be found by exerting patience, dis- crimination, and impartiality.