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Have you ever cringed with your whole body, been so filled with shame
LIAM O'NEILL admitted he cringed as a small minority of the crowd failed to observe a minute's silence prior to last Sunday's All-Ireland hurling final.
I cried, laughed and cringed when I saw last Sunday's programme.
Ms Wood said: "I'm sure many Lib Dems will have cringed when witnessing the love-in between David Cameron and Nick Clegg at the press conference in the garden of Number 10.
2 : to show disgust or embarrassment at something <He cringed at the suggestion of eating liver.
When I saw the August 15 Summer Sex Issue, I cringed inside and immediately thought of an old episode of Ellen where she asks a newsstand owner for the latest issue of The Advocate and he directs her to the pornography section.