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There was a thin, crisp, continuous patter from somewhere in the heart of that crawling bank.
50 and for two hours you can gorge yourself on crisps, along with dips and unlimited bread and butter for a crisp sandwich.
We presented some new topological concepts and properties on neutrosophic crisp topology.
The Bradford-based crisp maker launched a search last month to find its Seabrook Champion, who will test out the brand's future flavours for a whole year.
Sugar Bowl Bakery has captured that delicacy with its line of Batter Crisps Cake Batter Cookie Crisps.
Production then moved to the Smiths factory in Peterlee and, in 1989, crisp giant Walkers Snack Foods took over the manufacturing facility.
Honestly, crisps are doing all sorts of crazy things right now
The new summer bia menu launched last week includes the new crisp sambo, which is available on short-haul flights, including European destinations.
Thanks to the innovative Crisp Sensation technology, the products score with a superior crumb and a core that remains juicy and tender.
The potatoes are hand cut with their skins still on, then hand cooked in batches to produce an authentic, traditional crisp.
The event was part of the Walkers Fresh Hot Crisp Tour, which has also visited Gateshead's Asda store and Tesco in Kingston Park, Newcastle, over the last few days.